Recreation/ Sports

Recreation/ Sports is integral to the Central Coast lifestyle. You don’t have to be an athlete or aspire to be one. It is in our everyday — when we are spectators in our favorite sport, when we take our kids to their summer classes, when we go to the gym for some exercise or even when we just gather together to talk.

On this page, we will put together interesting links to Recreation/ Sports businesses and articles. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

Central Coast Gymnastics Academy
Central Coast Gymnastics Academy offers a variety of gymnastic styles and classes. Sign your child up for Kinder Gym and our Littler Gymers program. Other programs include Women’s and Men’s Gymnastics, Recreational and Sports Acrobatics.

Crickets and Mealworms by Jack and William Lumsden
Live crickets and mealworms for your pet lizard, and other reptile pets. You can pick up or have these tasty pet food treats delivered!


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