The Central Coast gives several education options for people living in the region or temporarily residing in it for academic pursuits. It is the location of a University of Newcastle campus and three hunter Institute of TAFE campuses. Add to that, you will find several secondary and primary school options.

Rudolf Steiner Central Coast
The Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School is an independent co-educational school for Early Childhood to Year 10. It offers a comprehensive approach to creative and effective academic and practical learning.

Steiner Education: The Alternative Education Movement that Can Make a Difference for Your Child

What is Steiner Education?


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    • Rudolf Steiner School is located in Fountaindale of Enterprise Drive.
      Reading the article above I am pleased with the decision we made 6 yrs ago to enrol both of my kids in Yr 3 and Yr 5. Both are doing great- they love school my oldest now goes to Central Coast Grammar and he is in the top 10 for all his subjects and won a state award for Maths last week – I was concerned about how he was going to adapt to a new school specially in yr 11 which is such a crucial year. As it happens some other Steiner kids also decided to do year 11 at CCGS ( Steiner Central Coast only goes to year 10) He wants to go to uni and study Finance like his dad and so far he is right on track. Back then I remember my family thinking we were quirky by choosing Steiner School now my sister is moving up from Sydney so that my niece can start in 2014.

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