Knotts Pine East Gosford


Craig from Knotts Pine Gosford has advised that he is having a Floor Stock Clearance in August. I encourage everyone to check it out. Craig stocks a wide range of high quality furniture. The website is

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4X4 Accessories by Olmate 4X4

olmate-4x4-homepage-banner-ARBHummer-920x400If you have a 4×4, you know that these performance vehicles can muscle through anything for you — across rough roads, sandy terrains, and flooded streets — as long as you take care of it. Equip it with the right gears. Change parts when necessary. Keep it a well-maintained road monster. 4x4s are great vehicles for practically any terrain. If it is in its best condition, it will serve you well.

There are a handful of shops in Central Coast, NSW, specialising in 4×4 parts and accessories. One of these is Olmate 4×4, located at 188 Pacific Highway, Tuggerah. The business is owned and operated by Troy Whitelam, a 4×4 enthusiast and the guy we’d trust when it comes to parts and accessories.

And this is not an exaggeration. We really do recommend Troy for whatever you’d need for your 4×4.

The edge that Troy and his Olmate team can boast about is that the guy actually loves 4x4s. He has one, uses it, and does its regular maintenance, parts replacements and upgrades. He’s been around, testing different parts and accessories through different conditions and situations. He’s known for high standards, and he only sells parts and accessories that he recommends.

That’s a lot more than others can provide. It’s Troy’s brand of personal service, where he shares his knowledge and experience. It is not just about selling and running through stocks. It’s really about giving the customer the best possible set of 4×4 accessories NSW within their budget.

If you are interested to find out what Troy and his team can do for you, get in touch with them at 4351 5333. Or you can visit their store at Pacific Highway, Tuggerah. Olmate 4×4 is composed of a team of licensed mechanics and 4×4 fanatics. You can trust them with your 4×4 accessories and parts requirements.