Youngest Entrepreneurs in the Central Coast

Jack and William are perhaps the youngest entrepreneurs in the Central Coast today, having started their business together at ages 7 and 5 respectively. These boys are at the helm of Mealworms and Crickets, your go-to supplier of fresh lizard feed in Glenning Valley.

They started the company because of their passion for their pet lizard. They did the hard work: read to each other books about taking care of their pet, and pulled together their savings so they can buy their initial stock of pet food. In no time, they were able to raise more than enough to feed their pet. They sold the rest to friends and neighbors.

They reinvested the money they raised, which then expanded their lizard supply operation. Soon enough, they were clearing mealworms and crickets by the hundreds each week.

The kids just came out with the website Customers can now order online. They can choose to pick up their pet food themselves or have these delivered anywhere in Central Coast.

Let’s show these boys some love and support. What they are doing is very impressive — these boys are definitely on the road to success!


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