Steiner Education: The Alternative Education Movement that Can Make a Difference for Your Child

Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School Graduates

It has become a complicated world. In order to cope, your child needs more than what traditional educational systems can provide. Its concentration on mechanized instruction and memorization just isn’t enough. Your child needs to learn in an environment where their hidden potential is supported, and where they can develop understanding – not just the ability to rattle off random facts.

This is where the Steiner Education Movement comes in. The Steiner Education, also known as the Waldorf Education, is the biggest alternative education movement globally. It was founded in 1919, and has since garnered worldwide acceptance. Some European countries have even taken a step forward towards this alternative education by providing state funds to Rudolf Steiner schools and teacher training.

The core of this education movement is that for children to really learn, they need a form of education that equally focuses on the body, soul and spirit. This holistic approach ensures that children equip themselves with the tools that they need to thrive in current realities and become actualized adults.

To do this, children embark in a journey of discovery and self-discovery. This is done in three different stages, starting with early years and elementary school education to secondary school education.

During the early years, the focus is on practical and experiential activities. Children learn through exploring and doing, all within ‘creative play.’ Once they step into primary schooling, the focus shifts to social interaction and artistic expression. Analytic and creative thinking becomes norm. In secondary education, instruction hones critical understanding and idealism. The stress is on knowing and understanding but still allowing the imagination to explore possibilities. By this time, the academic, artistic and practical are integrated – where your child is expected to grow into a well rounded individual.

To know more about the Steiner Education Movement, contact the Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School. We will also be talking more about this in future posts. Check back in soon!



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