Have you experienced a business or service that you would recommend?

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31 thoughts on “Have you experienced a business or service that you would recommend?

  1. Hi, we jus moved to Wadalba and I am after some tips – I am looking for a good accountant / Business accounting someone who works with small businesses my husband is a trades man….they all state they are good on their websites – could anyone recommend one? Also my kids got into Mackillop Catholic school in Warnervale, I’ve never heard of this school and would like to know what reputation it has in the community. Karen

  2. Hi Karen, we moved down from QLD 3 yrs ago – I have 3 boys and all in primary at Mckillop College I was really happy with the school till mid last year when my middle child in year 2- was caught up in an incident with another child in his class, the management and handling of the situation was terrible the communication from the teacher was very poor, I think it is one of the best schools in the area however it’s growing too fast – my advice to you is no matter what they say let the teacher know you are around and want to be notified of all incidents straight away. I am looking forward to a better 2013.
    We too have our own business and our accountant is Anthony from
    Berkmans in Wyong we are very happy with him he quotes upfront and knows his stuff.

    • My daughter attended Mary Mackillop Catholic School in Woongarrah for 1 year best way to describe was “out of control” coming from St Marys Catholic School we were amazed at the difference, she felt a bit left out as the teachers she got were themselves new to the school and weren’t aware of my daughter being new too – she was just lost in the crowd. Since then we have moved her to Lakes Grammar she is much happier and the the school seems more stable and welcoming to new students, aside from the ridiculously high prices of the uniforms all seems well.
      I would not recommended Mary Mackillop Catholic school.

    • Hi Nat, I have two young boys both under 7. We go to Wyong Dental Centre and have been really happy. My boys aren’t scarred at all and they are really gentle.

    • I take my girls to Erina Fair, the medical Center on the ground floor they also have kids Dentist you can access thru where the bus stops are too. They bulk bill and are set up kids. I didn’t even have to wait too long for an appointment. At.

  3. Hi, I too recommend Berkmans Accountants. They are really helpful and knowledgable. They solved a major ATO issue for my business too.

      • I heard they are good the only thing when I contacted Berkmans Chartered Accountants I got the impression they are very much for businesses. Even though I got no pricing I felt they may be expensive. Milly

    • We booked our trip through Harvey World Travel Lakehaven and they are so budget compared to Flightcentre. For example Flightcentre send you cards and travel tips via post they provide you with a plastic wallet for your documents Harvey World travel does none of that, & their pricing is no cheaper. Next trip I’ll book through Flightcentre better customer care.

      • I agree these guys do anything to get your business and then once you pay it’s like they don’t know you…. Just reading along tonight and came across this, It’s hard to think that I am not the only customer that feels this way. Definitely not going back to Harvey World travel.

  4. One service that you should stay away from is Marshall’s Batteries in Long Jetty – this crowd put a faulty battery in my car and then when it wouldn’t start a couple of weeks later told me I had to drive to them to get it checked. (idiot- the battery was flat!!!). Stay away from these guys what ever you do.

  5. Over the last few month I have been buying all my breads from Bavarian Bakehaus it’s located right inside the Ettalong Markets we love it- It has best Sour Dough Bread and Gluten free bake pastry. I recommended as it is cheap and the people there are really nice it’s also a coffee shop great for kids too.
    I’m not sure if they open week days I go on Sundays. Google Bavarian Bakehaus, Ettalong

    • Hi both my boys go to central coast gymnastics academy they absolutely love it… I have noticed that my youngest son Ben behaviour in improved he is much more focused now. My husband and I won’t sure about it at first now I’d rather gymnastics over any other sport.
      Monday night is when my boys go and looking to pick up Wednesday in term 2. Hope this helps.

    • We love the Bavarian Bakehouse – Wissam the owner makes the best gluten free lamingtons the kids love. It’s a great we go there for lunch on the weekend its right inside the ettalong markets.

  6. Answering Karen my daughter just finished year 12 at Mackillop and she loved it – we could be happier with the staff and community within the school…She just got her results and did well, it was all worthwhile thank God! Good with your journey.

    • Hi Connie, I have been going to Dee for years. She is really amazing. She’s been on psychictv too and and I heard that she has done readings for Kylie Minogue- has anyone else heard that. Dee won’t divulge who she reads for.

  7. We have just had the most amazing experience with a local airconditioning company- Lake Munmorah Air Conditioning. Brad was the guy, courteous and helpful…www.airccc.com.au

  8. Hi there, has anyone got any feedback on Central Coast Gymnastics? I had a friend recommend it for both my son and daughter?

    • Ring Kate she is very helpful I believe she is the owner as well as the head coach- We love it we used to go to Gosford we are much happier here at Charmhaven.
      Google central coast gymnastics or under Charmhaven

      • My daughter goes to CCGA central coast gymnastics in Charmhaven too she loves it, out of netball and ballet gymnastics is her favourite – all the staff are professionals and know what their doing, also the classes have the perfect number of kids.

    • Hello, I got from a previous post this contact I have used him and he was great, friendly and cheap.
      Rod 0447 742 201

  9. Looking forward to the Entrance Markets this weekend…everyone should come down and get some fresh fruit, veggies and produce. Lets support the Central Coast.

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