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It was bound to happen. As our followers continue to increase, we thought it’s a good idea to move our blog to its own domain name and host. can only give us so much features, which we are always grateful for. Likewise, we thank everyone who continues to visit our website, and participate in our discussions.

We hope to see you and your friends at the Central Coast of NSW Business Blog, our new, more permanent home online. We will continue providing you with up-to-date information on business in the Central Coast area. There’s more in store for you as we continue to experience the best of NSW and all that it offers.



4X4 Accessories by Olmate 4X4

olmate-4x4-homepage-banner-ARBHummer-920x400If you have a 4×4, you know that these performance vehicles can muscle through anything for you — across rough roads, sandy terrains, and flooded streets — as long as you take care of it. Equip it with the right gears. Change parts when necessary. Keep it a well-maintained road monster. 4x4s are great vehicles for practically any terrain. If it is in its best condition, it will serve you well.

There are a handful of shops in Central Coast, NSW, specialising in 4×4 parts and accessories. One of these is Olmate 4×4, located at 188 Pacific Highway, Tuggerah. The business is owned and operated by Troy Whitelam, a 4×4 enthusiast and the guy we’d trust when it comes to parts and accessories.

And this is not an exaggeration. We really do recommend Troy for whatever you’d need for your 4×4.

The edge that Troy and his Olmate team can boast about is that the guy actually loves 4x4s. He has one, uses it, and does its regular maintenance, parts replacements and upgrades. He’s been around, testing different parts and accessories through different conditions and situations. He’s known for high standards, and he only sells parts and accessories that he recommends.

That’s a lot more than others can provide. It’s Troy’s brand of personal service, where he shares his knowledge and experience. It is not just about selling and running through stocks. It’s really about giving the customer the best possible set of 4×4 accessories NSW within their budget.

If you are interested to find out what Troy and his team can do for you, get in touch with them at 4351 5333. Or you can visit their store at Pacific Highway, Tuggerah. Olmate 4×4 is composed of a team of licensed mechanics and 4×4 fanatics. You can trust them with your 4×4 accessories and parts requirements.

Outsourcing +

A simple enough title for this blog but it actually means a lot. Outsourcing has been both hero and villain for many businesses, across several industries. It has a somewhat negative connotation, like it’s a scare word you say to a child to get them to behave. And sometimes — for real — it is a scare word you say to a business or to employees to get them to behave.

This is unfair. When done right, outsourcing can be the best thing to happen to individuals or businesses. Here are a few reasons why.

Outsourcing Benefits for Individuals
Many employees are wrongly scared of the O word, thinking that it immediately means job loss. For certain jobs and individuals, yes, it can mean job loss. Tasks may be outsourced offshore, where labor cost is cheaper and workers are as efficient.

However, this isn’t a life sentence. It can hit hard at first but, in the long run, it is a way for people to upgrade their skills. In a competitive job market, wherein candidates may come from anywhere in the world, people will naturally work to update their skills and become more specialised. When they do, they place themselves ahead of the crowd, as top candidates for jobs requiring advanced skills. No amount of salary discount can compete with a better and more efficient employee.

Outsourcing Benefits for Businesses
To a degree, the specialisation that benefits individuals also benefits businesses. As operations trim down, and some jobs are shipped elsewhere, a company can focus where they are best at. For instance, a financial company can become a better financial company, and not overstretch themselves by also exerting effort in marketing and customer support. While marketing and customer support are integral to operations,  having excellent marketing and customer support teams takes time and a great deal of investment. It may be  more practical to outsource these jobs to companies that specialize in them.

There are other benefits but at the core of it all is specialisation. When businesses learn to become better with what they’re already good at — with the help of outsourcing — they poise themselves to leading the pack.



The Future Depends on Financial Planning


Regardless of your age, financial planning is something that you shouldn’t take for granted, especially during these times of economic instability. A solid plan for your financial future protects from uncertainties and secures you and your family.

Anyone can do this. Financial action plans — and yes, investments, insurance and self-managed super funds — are not limited to those who are rich and with extra funds. As long as you are driven to set money aside for your future stability, you  can have a plan, and you can work towards investing soundly, regularly.

To do this, it’s a good idea to get advise from expert financial advisors. With so many things happening in the market today, you need to talk to people you can trust and who are experts in the industry. It’s not a good idea to go rogue, and just put your hard-earned money on what looks good at the moment. Expertise and experience are required.

This is where Financial Planning Central Coast comes in. Offering financial advice, planning and management services to Gosford, Wyong, Terrigal and other nearby areas, you can venture into investment and insurance confidently. With them by your side, you feel secure and in control — no matter what the economic future brings.


Youngest Entrepreneurs in the Central Coast

Jack and William are perhaps the youngest entrepreneurs in the Central Coast today, having started their business together at ages 7 and 5 respectively. These boys are at the helm of Mealworms and Crickets, your go-to supplier of fresh lizard feed in Glenning Valley.

They started the company because of their passion for their pet lizard. They did the hard work: read to each other books about taking care of their pet, and pulled together their savings so they can buy their initial stock of pet food. In no time, they were able to raise more than enough to feed their pet. They sold the rest to friends and neighbors.

They reinvested the money they raised, which then expanded their lizard supply operation. Soon enough, they were clearing mealworms and crickets by the hundreds each week.

The kids just came out with the website Customers can now order online. They can choose to pick up their pet food themselves or have these delivered anywhere in Central Coast.

Let’s show these boys some love and support. What they are doing is very impressive — these boys are definitely on the road to success!

What is Steiner Education?

Basic to even considering sending your child to Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School is to know what Steiner education is all about. A lot of good has been said about Steiner education. At the same time, there are a lot of apprehensions attached to it, as with anything that strays from the traditional.

Here are a few important points about Steiner education and the learning that can be acquired from schools like the Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School:

1. The stages of learning in a Steiner school is based on the stages of a child’s development. This starts at Early Childhood (0-7 years old), where a child’s goodness is innate and learning is through imitation. This is followed by the Heart of Childhood (7-14). At this stage, the child’s imagination is vivid – encouraging creativity and inspired insights become important. The last stage is Adolescence (14-21). Here, the child begins to explore ideas and their individuality. He/ she is likely to go through phases of discovery and self-discovery.

2. Steiner education cuts across class, religion, ethnicity and academic ability. The potential is in every child and a school, like the Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School, can help make the most of this potential.

3. The Steiner approach to education is holistic. True learning is not limited to just the academic. The physical, emotional and spiritual should also be considered. A typical Steiner school curricula incorporates all these.

4. Steiner education is a tried and tested methodology. Several governments in Europe have allotted public funding for schools that adopt the Steiner approach to learning. There are several success stories that have come from these. In general, Steiner education is highly regarded for producing diversely capable and creative individuals.

For more information, check out the Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School website.